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SOEX is situated in Trinec in the Czech Republic in the economical very important geographical triangle Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Trinec is an industrial city and a very important centre of the steel industry in the Czech Republic. One- third of the whole steel production in the Czech Republic is produced in Trinec.

The company SOEX spol.s.r.o was established in 1993 by Rudolf Socha as a supplier for the building industry. In 1995 the production was completed with

  • pressed components
  • metal machining

Actually the main focus of attention depends on the technology of friction welding. This kind of technology has been accomplished since 1996 by our firm and constantly developed.

Scopes of application:

  • automobile industry
  • shipbuilding
  • aircraft industry
  • Qualität
  • electronic components
  • agricultural machinery
 | References


Nelson with the registered office in Gevelsberg.

The Czech Republic:

ZETOR HavlickuvBrod with the registered office in Brno – Líšeň. SOR Libchavy with the registered office in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Poland and in Ukraine TEDOM Horovice with the registered office in Hořovice.

 | Certificates:

We have received the Certificate of quality from the certification authority TÜV Slovakia in accordance to the standard CSN EN ISO 9001:2008 for friction welding and the certificate EMS in accordance to the standard CSN EN ISO 14001:2004.

 | Vision

We would like to become one of the most significant companies for welding and turning through friction in the European Union.

 | Our strengths:
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Long-standing experiences
  • Qualified staff
  • Quality
  • Fairness and honesty
  • Uncontested low priced




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